Fully integrated Credit Card authorization and end-of-day batch settlement for use with the VersiTouch POS software. This product interfaces to the most popular credit card processors to provide you with a flexible solution.

Use your existing broadband connection to reduce transaction times down to 2 seconds for authorizations. Contact your reseller for details about Mercury Payments, HPS Exchange, or Gravity Payments card processing services.

VersiTouch Credit (v13.5.1) supports a select number of host processors, shown in the following list. We have created forms that clearly indicate the information that is required to properly configure a host processor in the VersiTouch Credit software. You can access the appropriate form by clicking on the processor name.

Dial-up Modem Access

IP / Broadband Access

Gift Card Interface

This interface supports the sale, activation, redemption, and balance inquiry features of Mercury Payments or Givex gift cards directly from your VersiTouch POS software. Use your existing broadband connection for the fastest processing times!