Welcome to Sterling

Sterling is a tablet-based POS solution for your VersiTouch system.  This software has been developed by VersiTouch to seamlessly add mobile POS functionality at a low cost. Sterling integrates directly into VersiTouch, allowing for quicker implementation and less training of your employees.

The Site Survey

In order to add Sterling to your VersiTouch system, a site survey is required.  During the survey, a VersiTouch technician will review your existing hardware and software to determine what equipment may need to be upgraded.  This site survey generally takes one hour, and gives us the crucial information needed to integrate Sterling as smoothly as possible.


Sterling requires a few specific pieces of hardware in order to function at peak performance. VersiTouch has completed a series of performance tests on servers, tablets, and wireless routers to determine what minimum requirements are necessary for Sterling.

Server: The more powerful your file-server, the more Sterling tablets you’ll be able to add to your POS system.  It may be necessary to either upgrade file-server or to add another PC dedicated to Sterling resource requirements.  The two primary resource considerations are CPU speed and installed RAM.  Supported Sterling server operating systems are Microsoft Windows XP and Windows.

Recommended Sterling server hardware: Touch Dynamic Orion Performance PC (for a max of 10 tablets)

Tablet: During the initial 2013 release of Sterling, the only supported tablet hardware will be the Touch Dynamic DT-07.  Less expensive tablet options are certainly available.  However, testing has shown that display and battery performance has been inconsistent and inefficient for Sterling.  Pay-at-the-table credit card processing is not currently supported, but will be added in a future revision of Sterling.

Recommended Sterling hardware: Touch Dynamic DT-07 Android tablet

Wireless Router: Your POS network router must support wireless-N and have clear line of sight to all areas that you intend to use Sterling tablets.

Recommended Sterling hardware: ASUS RT-AC66U 802.11ac Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router


Sterling is presently available for the Android mobile operating system.  The tablet (Sterling POS Client) software can be downloaded from the Google Play store.  Server components (Sterling License Server and Sterling POS Server) are available directly from VersiTouch.


Sterling requires a license that must be renewed, annually.  Automatic renewals are not currently enabled.  Pricing is as follows:

Type Quantity Annual Discount
Customer 1-License $99 Regular Price
Customer 3-License $89 10% Discount
Customer 5-License $79 20% Discount
Customer 10-License $69 30% Discount
Customer 20-License $59 40% Discount
Customer 50-License $50 50% Discount