How to update your software version of VersiTouch

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VersiTouch follows a very simple update procedure: overwrite old files with new files. This may not be the most elegant way of updating software but it is simple and effective. It also means that, under most circumstances, you can revert to a previous version simply by overwriting the new files with copies of the old.

VersiTouch POS can be overwritten on the fileserver while the stations are actively running. This is because each station makes a temporary copy of VersiTouch POS that runs on the local machine. After you overwrite the VersiPOS.exe file, you’ll need to restart each of the stations in order for the update to complete.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for VersiTouch Office and VersiTouch Credit. Neither of those programs can be actively running on a computer when you update them. You’ll have to exit the programs, overwrite the files, then restart them. We typically recommend rebooting the fileserver both before and after updating.

The following instructions will give you a smooth update:

  • Shutdown the stations.
  • Shutdown any back office PCs that connect to the fileserver.
  • Reboot the fileserver.
  • Make sure that VersiTouch Office is not running.
  • Exit VersiTouch Credit by right-clicking on the blue and yellow “flag” icon, located in the system tray next to the time, then selecting “Exit VersiCredit Server”.
  • Make a backup copy of all executable files found in the RCS folder on the fileserver. Pay particular attention to making copies of versipos.exe, versioffice.exe, versicredit.exe, and versicreditaccountaccess.exe.
  • Download the current software versions from our download page.
  • Unzip the update files from the VersiTouch website into a temporary directory.
  • Verify the CRC values of the downloaded files using an MD5 utility, such as FastSum.
  • Copy the files from the temporary directory into /RCS folder on the fileserver, overwriting the existing files.
  • Reboot the fileserver.
  • Verify that the version number of VersiTouch Credit is the same one you downloaded by double clicking the blue and yellow “flag” icon, located in the system tray next to the time. The version is identified at the top of the window.
  • Restart the stations.
  • Verify that the version number of VersiTouch POS is the same one you downloaded by selecting MANAGER from the Main Screen, then touching System Info.