Critical Update of VersiTouch Credit Server for Mercury Merchants

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VersiTouch has released a critical software update required for all users who are enrolled in credit card processing with Mercury Payment Systems. This update is required due to changes in Mercury Payment Systems’ transaction count. A recent change was made causing a mismatch between the number of transactions reported received by Mercury versus what is actually being transmitted by VersiTouch Credit Server. Installing this update will allow these transaction counts to match, preventing the need for processing a manual (or ‘forced’) credit batch.

VersiTouch Credit Server version 14.2.8 is now available for download from the Program Downloads section of the VersiTouch website. In addition to this update to VersiTouch Credit Server, it is also recommended that all users update their version of VersiTouch Point of Sale to version 13.11.12.

Contact VersiTouch Technical Support via phone at 503.788.5933 or via email at with any questions about this software release or upgrade process.