VersiTouch, Inc. is in the business of developing and selling point-of-sale software to the hospitality and food service industries. Our primary means for achieving this is by partnering with independent resellers to represent our products across the United States.

Reseller Requirements (effective 1/1/11):

To become a registered reseller of VersiTouch Point-of-Sale software, and to gain access to the exclusive resources of the website, a prospective reseller must meet and/or complete the following requirements:

1. Complete and submit a reseller application form.

A VersiTouch representative will review the application to determine the applicant’s qualifications for becoming a VersiTouch reseller. The review process generally takes seven to ten working days.

2. Provide proof of a Yellow Pages listing/ad.

Upon request, prospective resellers must fax or mail a copy of their Yellow Pages listing/ad from the “Cash Register” or “Point of Sale” heading.

3. Purchase a VersiTouch reseller start-up kit.

The fee for the VersiTouch reseller start-up kit is $500 and includes: one VersiTouch reseller demonstration license, VersiTouch product installation disks and manuals, sales and marketing literature, toll-free technical support, and access to the restricted reseller section of the website.

4. Initial product training

To ensure that VersiTouch resellers are representing our products accurately and effectively in the field, new resellers must schedule product training within 30 days of signing on as a VersiTouch reseller. VersiTouch will accommodate up to five technicians for product training. VersiTouch will not ship orders for software licenses to resellers that have not completed the initial product training.

5. Sales expectations

A VersiTouch reseller is expected to have, at a minimum, sales of VersiTouch software licenses in every ninety-day period. A reseller that has not sold VersiTouch software licenses within any ninety-day period may have their account deactivated.

A VersiTouch reseller will receive one free month of telephone and email support for every $2,000 of software purchased.

6. Service and support expectations

VersiTouch resellers are required to offer on-site installation, software support, and hardware service for their merchant customers. A price list should be provided to all customers with each POS proposal and should clearly detail any fixed rates or fees (including labor rates and fees associated with annual contracts, mileage, on-site service, or after-hours support). Hardware replacement or repair costs and extended travel may be quoted separately. VersiTouch will not sell software products to resellers that fail to provide adequate service and support.