VersiTouch Point-of-Sale

For almost three decades, restaurants have been converting from cash registers to point of sale systems. POS systems help restaurants by providing more control and security. However, many of these systems are inflexible and complicated to use. VersiTouch POS is the solution restaurants have been waiting for.

The VersiTouch POS software dramatically increases the profits and efficiency of your restaurant. Orders are processed much faster and with greater accuracy. Tickets are clear and orders are consistent — making kitchen operation much more efficient. The VersiTouch POS software was developed by restaurant operators to provide a full featured, fast and flexible system that is easy to use.



Servers will quickly point out desired menu items. Buttons can be any size and the use of graphical icons makes locating items easy. To order a hamburger, a server simply touches the hamburger icon.

Send electronic mail to individual employees or to groups of employees (i.e. all kitchen staff). Notify employees about meetings or describe daily specials. Employees are forced to acknowledge that they have read their mail — no more excuses!

Guest Check prints restaurant or promotional logo. Screen saver may be any picture, including co-op advertisements or restaurant logo.

VersiTouch POS is the most flexible system available. Make your own decisions on how to set up your restaurant — don’t have decisions made for you by the limitations of your software. VersiTouch POS can easily fit the varying needs of any restaurant. Unlimited number of active and inactive checks (storing FULL detail). Use any combination of cashier, server banking, cash bar, counter, pickup, drive through or delivery setups.

Virtually unlimited array of report writing capabilities. Reports can be as specific as desired. Complete up-to-the-minute and past reports. Automatically send reports to a central location. Control labor cost by using the various labor/sales reports.


Select Features of VersiTouch POS

Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/WePOS Operating System

Back office PC not required

Fine dining, quick bar, fast food, carry out, delivery,
institutional, convenience store, pizza, 24-hour diner

Incredibly fast operation – even during your busiest hours

On screen check for easy editing

Easy to identify icons

Minimal button presses to order, print, and pay

Visual countdown for limited quantity items

Price specials based on time of day, day of week, week of month

Instant reorder feature

Split checks up to 99 times – before
or after ordering

Split individual items

Re-open closed checks for modification

Assign customer name to check

On screen recipes

Supports server banking or cashier station

Comps, voids, and paid outs handled at POS

Systemwide e-mail

Timed or server controlled item hold & release

Multiple security levels with password or mag-card access

Unlimited number of menu items

Up-to-the-second customizable reporting
for sales, labor, and security

Transfer tabs or merge tickets

UPC barcode scanning

Supports on-the-fly menu changes

Integrated timeclock with break control

Automatically report server tips per IRS specifications

Customizable end-of-day procedure takes about a minute to comlete

Delivery included at no extra charge

Recall and reorder from last 6 delivered orders

Quick pay feature for driver cash out

Multiple customers per phone number

Use touchscreen or keyboard for delivery database

Delivery and special instructions printed on ticket

Integrated credit card processing

Fully integrated to VersiTouch Credit (credit card),
VersiTouch Hotel
(property management system interface), and VersiTouch Gift
(gift cards)

Interfaces for 3rd party inventory, scheduling,
caller-ID, custom reporting, accounting, spreadsheet, and database

Multiple export formats for reporting data including ASCII
(comma-delimited) and database format (.dbf)